Living Apart, Together?

Retirement comes with myriad decisions – most made jointly with a significant other, and while these decisions have been years in the making, one still stands out as being a difficult choice for couples to make – deciding where to live when they retire.  Some couples even avoid the question for years, only to bring it up last-minute and still argue about their retirement location possibilities.  It’s important to note that the shift in the retirement dynamic throughout the years has definitely changed the way retirees view their future, and while many will still work into their retirement years in order to feel comfortable with their finances, others are seeking out exotic destinations or travel plans to fulfill dreams they’ve had their entire lives.  But what happens when the love of your life doesn’t see your vision?

Despite the shared vision, numerous conversations and compromises that couples make, there are still difficulties that can arise.

There’s a new phrase popping up in the retirement vocabulary – living apart, together.  More and more retiring couples are finding that the only solution to their difficulties in agreeing on a retirement spot is to simply go their separate ways.  No, this doesn’t mean that they are divorcing or ending a relationship, it simply means that they are physically separating from one another to follow their dreams

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