Planning on Paying for Your Kids' College Education? Consider a 529 Plan

If you're like many parents, not only do you feel somewhat obligated to put your kids through college, but there's also a big part of you that really wants to give your children the gift of higher education. College is anything but cheap, and it will only become more expensive as the years flash by. It is for this reason that it's best to begin saving for a child's education while they're still in their infancy — yep, that's the ideal starting point. But even if circumstance didn't afford you the ability to set aside funds from the time your kids were still in diapers, that shouldn't stop you from starting an education savings plan once you're able to afford it.  

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Finding the Right Financial Professional

So you've finally made the wise decision to work with an advisor. You realize that especially in today's volatile environment, hiring a professional to mind the proverbial store is certainly better than trying to master everything yourself, but where will you find this professional? When it comes to managing your financial future, cracking the phone book and calling the first advisor listed just isn't enough — you need to do some independent research before making a commitment. Think of it as a marriage of sorts: after all, you wouldn't put that ring on just anybody's finger. That's what dating is for, little opportunities to see if the match works for both parties.

Ask the trustworthy people in your life who's opinion you value

There is one significant difference (among the many) when it comes to seeking a life partner versus an insurance and/or financial advisor, and that is why when you date different people, there are certain qualities you know you're looking for in a spouse. But which qualities should you look for in an advisor?

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