Optimizing Your Social Security Payout

In 2014, social security benefits made up 39% of the income of the elderly (on average), totaling nearly $863 billion**. As more and more baby boomers approach retirement age, that total will increase dramatically, but unlike past generations, baby boomers are one of the first generations with the ability to seek out information online, equalizing information that only those with financial knowledge had previously been privy.
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Meeting with an Advisor: Be Prepared


When we go to the doctor, we are all used to hearing those basic questions that they start their check-ups with: “Do you drink?... Do you smoke?... How much exercise do you get a week?... Are you experiencing any pain?” Those questions, although simple, are critical to doctors. They use those questions to establish a baseline for how they will conduct the rest of the appointment and their advice and recommendations moving forward. An appointment with your financial planner works the same way.

There are specific things about your life, your spending habits, and your future plans that are critical to the plan that your advisor will lay out for you.

Your visit can be a lot more effective, and a lot more comfortable, if you know these basics ahead of time. In order to be prepared for your visit with a financial planner, make sure you think about these five points before you walk through the door.

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