How to Teach your Children about Money

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids the right and wrong ways to manage money.  When I was a kid, my parents afforded me a small allowance that grew each year, granted there were associated chores that had to be finished in order to receive my allowance.  These days, I hear more and more stories about parents that hand out money like it does grow on trees.  How do you think these kids will fend when they grow up and are forced to manage their finances with the idea that money isn’t earned?  Or that money doesn’t have to be saved?  It’s important to instill knowledge and properly prepare your children early on in life in order to lead them down the path of financial success.  Let’s discuss the major ways in which you can influence your child – even at a very young age – to properly manage money.


As we all know, sometimes learning from our mistakes can be the best form of learning.  With that said, don’t be a lifeline for them to always fall back on.


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