Mastering Your Plastic

Purchasing methods are constantly evolving and becoming increasingly convenient over time.  Consumers went from having to walk a herd of cattle to the market for trade, to lugging around a wallet of cash, to now holding all their wealth in a sliver of plastic.  Credit cards have made the world of transactions simpler and easier to navigate for consumers around the world.  Large purchases can be made without the cash up front.  Many card companies offer various reward, cash back, or points promotions for use.  Online shopping has become a breeze.

Credit cards have the ability to make any old consumer a powerful individual investor.  But, with great power comes great responsibility.  The number of people struggling with credit card debt in America is astronomical.  The invincible feeling that people get from swiping that card can often leave them devastated.  That devastation is ubiquitous in their lives, affecting their credit scores, their ability to access loans, and their financial history in general.  Credit cards are necessary and advantageous tools for most people, and, if used properly, can be a huge asset to your spending habits, but it’s important to know the facts about your card.

That shiny piece of plastic poking out of your wallet can be death trap, if you don’t know how to navigate the terrain.  There are a few things that you need to be aware of before you start swiping through the checkout lines.

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