Divorce and the Female Investor

At Stangier Wealth Management, we can help divorced women envision a new future and develop the steps to reach it. Whether you need to learn how to manage your finances for the first time or just need help adjusting your goals, we can help. We can assist you in maximizing the assets you have so that your new future feels comfortable and accessible. Stangier Wealth Management can also help you manage life’s unexpected twists and turns so that you can move forward feeling confident that your financial future is secure.

If you have kids, we can help you balance your financial plans for the future with the current needs of your children. Stangier Wealth Management can be your support system whether you are starting your financial plan from scratch or just feel unsure of your direction. As written in my forward to the book, Rich Chicks, eliminating stress and worry from your finances is key to enjoying your family and friends and we believe people who plan have more success in achieving their financial goals. Let’s start building a partnership based on mutual trust and respect so that you can feel secure in your finances and pursue your dreams. 


Today's Women

New vs. Experienced Investors

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