A Different Way to Invest


More than
mere advice.

We adhere to investing principles based on Nobel Prize-winning research — and coach our clients on a long-term path to financial empowerment.


Investing: Part Math, Part Human

Memories. Desires. Fears. These are part of what makes us human — and they play a critical yet mostly unexplored role in investing.


Our investment strategy features a highly disciplined approach to asset allocation and long term wealth creation, based on empirically tested investing principles. Specifically, it integrates Modern Portfolio Theory, the Three Factor Model, and the Efficient Market Hypothesis into portfolios that are scientifically engineered to capture optimal market returns.

Without this academic framework, investors and financial advisors alike are forced to rely on investing strategies based on questionable research, track record performance, market timing and other inaccurate and unreliable practices. And frankly, we wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Free Market
Portfolio Theory

Published in 1952, it proves that a properly diversified portfolio matters more than the performance of any one investment.


Dr. Eugene Fama. Dr. Kenneth French. Not exactly household names, but the academic investing principles these leading economists pioneered in the early 1990s provide immense insight into risk and other factors that affect long-term investment returns.

Their work, along with academic theories authored by other recognized scholars such as Meir Statman and Harry Markowitz serve as the foundation of our entire investing philosophy.