GRETCHEN STANGIER – CFP® - CEO & Financial Coach

Gretchen Stangier, is the Founder and CEO of Gretchen Stangier Inc., dba, Stangier Wealth Management, an SEC registered investment advisory firm providing investment management, financial planning, education, consulting and coaching. Her practice, founded in 1998 uses a science and education-based approach to investing, combining concepts and theories from top financial behavioral experts and Nobel Prize winning academics. She is driven by her desire to empower others around their money so they can make informed, confident decisions and live a purposeful life full of abundance.
After entering the workforce, she soon found that her passion for working with people and their money was calling to her. She grew up working in her family’s store where she honed her business acumen. From making deposits, to helping make the larger financial decisions as she got older, Gretchen sought a way to balance her passion for managing money and educating others.

Gretchen attended Oregon State University and earned a BS in Elementary Education with an emphasis in Mathematics. She is a CFP®, an investor advisor representative.

Gretchen and her family have deep roots in Pendleton, Oregon, where she grew up. Though she has lived in the Portland, OR area for over 25+ years she and the family are still very active in her home town. Both Gretchen’s dad and uncle served as early Directors for the Pendleton Round-up, one of the 5 top rodeos in the country and Gretchen has been volunteering at the event since she was 10.

Gretchen has many philanthropic interests, financially supporting many charities. But her support extends beyond donating money; she really enjoys being able to experience the events first hand. Whether pouring beer for the Rotary club to creating Scholarships at her local high school, to making sure her dad gets to his public events as a former WWII B25 pilot. Participating in community gatherings to support worthy causes is a family tradition that Gretchen fully embraces. Most recently, Gretchen has pledged her monetary support to erect a community center for a college sports team and has taken the initiative to help educate young college-age athletes about money and investing.

In her spare time she enjoys gardening, boating and traveling.