Carol joined Stangier Wealth Management in 2015 and is the Chief Compliance Officer for the firm.

Prior to joining the firm, she worked for JP Morgan Chase as Site Manager and Senior Vice President of Operations responsible for over 1400 employees.

Prior to JP Morgan Chase, she worked for EMC mortgage, a wholly owned subsidiary of Bear Stearns that specialized in distressed loan servicing. In her role as Senior Vice President of Operations she was responsible for the early development and expansion of a team responsible for accounting for loans owned by Bear Stearns’ investment bank but serviced by third-party service providers. In March of 2008 when Bear Stearns was sold to JP Morgan Chase as a result of the mortgage industry collapse, she was selected to serve on the committee responsible for the selection and placement of assets into the Maiden Lane Security which provided $30 billion in guarantees from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and JP Morgan Chase to Bear Stearns creditors, stabilizing the financial market after the collapse.

Fitness and good nutrition are important disciplines that Carol enjoys and has practiced for many years. Most recently she has added Tabata, Tia Chi and pickleball to her regiment.

Outside of fitness she enjoys mentoring and helping young female athletes development life and leadership skills.

Carol has a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in accounting from the University of North Texas. She is a CPA® in the state of Texas, an investment advisor representative and a notary both licensed by the state of Oregon.