Widowed Investors

Whether you’re new at dealing with the finances and paying the bills or you’ve been in charge for years, Stangier Wealth Management we can help you make decisions that support your future goals.

Stangier Wealth Management can help you regardless of your needs.  We can help you figure out your cash flow so that you feel comfortable knowing what you can spend each month, advise you on most tax efficient ways to transfer assets and help you adjust your future plans. We can also safely maximize the income your assets can provide and help explain and clarify things that seem confusing. We will work with you step-by-step so that you feel comfortable with your finances and your financial security. If your family is involved, we can include them in each step of the process if you desire. Long term, we can help you build a future that is based on your existing goals.

We understand the grieving process takes time and will work with you throughout the process. Some days, it’s nice to know you have someone in your corner. Regardless of what you are experiencing, we have resources available to help you. Stangier Wealth Management is ready to be a safe, reliable and trustworthy part of your support system. Let us help you move forward with confidence.


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