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What the Heck Is a Reverse Mortgage?

Lately, you’ve likely noticed a glut of television, radio and even Web advertisements — many of them featuring well-known actors…

Pullbacks, Corrections, and Bear Markets

The COVID-19 outbreak has put tremendous pressure on stock prices, prompting some investors to blindly and indiscriminately sell positions at…


Allowances are a great way to teach your child to be financially literate, but it’s hard to know how to…

Estimating the cost of college

It doesn’t take a degree in finance to see the cost of college continues to rise.


This article may help you understand the most recent changes to your IRA and your RMD implemented with the SECURE…

How to Dig Yourself Out of Debt

Debt: the deep hole that seems so effortless to dig but impossible to climb out from. With every new credit…

Spotting credit trouble

The wise use of credit is a critical skill. These 10 questions will help you assess your skill level.

What to look for in Personal Finance Apps

An increasing number have been developed to help individuals with their personal finances.

You may need to make estimated tax payments

Learn more about whether you need to pay estimated taxes.

Getting the Right Tax Preparation Agent

Tax law is hardly a simple area of study–ask anyone going for their J.D. or Ph.D in the field and…

The Cost of Your Family Tree

Planning your finances for retirement is a challenge and it seems to only become more challenging as time moves on. …

Longevity Rules: Why long-term retirement planning is more important for women

Retirement planning is one of the most important guarantees an individual can make to ensure that their retirement goes smoothly…