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Why You Need to Be Financially Resilient

Financial resilience is the ability to hold up when life throws you an inevitable financial curve. If this seems broad, it should. There are ramifications to financial events beyond mere dollars and cents.

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Black History Month, honoring Katherine Johnson

We can all think of several influential people off the top of our heads. These are people easily recognizable. Often,...

4 Easy Ways to Boost Financial Confidence and Get Out of a Financial Rut

It can be challenging to determine how to get yourself out of a financial rut. You may be completely unsure...

The Key to Women’s Economic Empowerment is Financial Literacy

CentSai co-founder Doria Lavagnino speaks about the economic fallout of the paucity of mandated financial literacy in the US.

Financial Education: Benefits and Best Practices

Financial education is an essential skill that people need to fully participate in society.

7 Steps to a Healthy Money Relationship

We all want to have a healthy relationship with money, free from worry and financial stress, and ideally, free from...

What Every Investor Needs to Know About Risk

Risk is the greatest external threat investors face. Failure to manage risk can keep you from achieving your goals, can...

How Do You Plan to Fund Your Retirement?

With Social Security payouts expected to drop off in the near future, it’s critical to fine tune your plan for...

Encourage Kids to Think About Debt and Money Issues

Overindulgence and overspending have become common problems in today’s society. This has resulted in a pattern of debt for many...