Community Giving

Community Giving

Making a Difference

Part of our firm’s purpose is to make a difference. We support local and global organizations believe in. We featured many of the charities we have supported below.

Our firm's purpose is to make a difference. We support local and global organizations we believe in.

University of Louisiana, Monroe (ULM)

The ULM Softball program marked the grand opening of the Stangier-Young Leadership Center August 2022.
Atlas Free

For over a decade, Atlas Free has been chasing an ambitious goal-to create a global movement to stop sexual exploitation everywhere. Like an atlas, they build pathways that unite people and partners around the globe. While trafficking is a massive issue, they know what it takes to solve it, and every day, they see their strategy working thanks to a generous community of supporters and a leading team of local experts.
Gifted Wishes

Our mission is to utilize donated funds to grant Gifted Wishes to hospice patients. We are dedicated to creating awareness of hospice and supporting end of life care. Our goal is to make the end of life as meaningful as possible.


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