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Raising Healthy Children

Healthy habits are one of the greatest gifts to give your child. It is hard to underestimate the power parents…

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Good Health is Good Business

Good employee health can be great for the company’s bottom line.

Women and financial strategies

Forty-four percent of American women are the primary breadwinner in their house.1 Yet only 10% of women feel very confident in their ability…

Planning for the Expected

You can plan ahead to protect yourself and your family against the financial consequences of deteriorating health.

Understanding Long-Term Care

Understanding the types of long-term-care services—and what those services could cost—may be critical.

IRA Withdrawals that Escape the 10% Tax Penalty

The list of IRA withdrawals that may be taken without incurring a 10% early penalty has grown. Blurbs: There are…

Thinking of Retiring Abroad?

However exciting retiring abroad may sound, it deserves considerable planning.

Caring for Aging Parents

As our nation ages, many Americans are turning their attention to caring for aging parents.

Healthcare Costs in Retirement

Without a solid approach, health care expenses may add up quickly and potentially alter your spending. Don’t let healthcare costs…

Retiree Health Care Coverage Overseas

According to 2015 estimates by the U.S. Commerce Department, over four million seniors traveled abroad in 2014. Overseas travel may…

Healthcare Costs in Retirement

American workers are split about 50/50 when asked if they are confident they will have enough money to pay for…

Realistic Retirement: Leveraging expectations with reality.

Our culture builds a certain degree of optimism around the concept of retirement—people “can’t wait to retire” and it’s a…

The Tax Man Cometh: Ever Wonder How He Spends Your Money?

Every year you repeat the same tired task. You collect all your receipts forms, and related tax information and either…