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Realistic Retirement: Leveraging expectations with reality

Our culture builds a certain degree of optimism around the concept of retirement—people always “can’t wait until they can retire”…

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‘Tis the Season: Shoring up for the impending winter shopping spree

As the weather gets progressively cooler there’s a bit of a bite in the air, and Fall truly begins to…

Parents, Teach Your Kids to be Financially Literate

Financial Literacy among young Americans has been a focus of the Jump$tart Coalition since its inception in 1995. The coalition…

American Currency Part 2: How Money Leaves Circulation

Beginning this October, the new design of the $100 bill (http://usat.ly/11PJPTy) will be put into circulation by the Federal Reserve….

American Currency Part 1: A Brief History of Money

As credit and debit cards gradually take over the sphere of purchasing, money becomes less and less a physical thing….

10 Different Hobbies to Enhance Your Retirement, Part I

Whenever prospective, hopeful or even the wistful members of the workforce are asked what aspects of retirement they’re looking forward…

Why the Recent Uptick in Housing is So Important

By all accounts, the news coming from the Case-Shiller home price index is good news; an average increase of 10.9%…