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Four Really Good Reasons to Invest

The reasons to invest may have nothing to do with your retirement. Here are four good reasons.

9 facts about retirement

Just entering retirement? Here’s what you need to know.

Your Emergency Fund: How Much Is Enough?

How much is enough for your emergency fund? Bad things happen to the best of us, and instead of conveniently…

Pay Yourself First

When was the last time you paid yourself first? Each month you settle down to pay bills. You pay your…

Retirement Income and the traditional portfolio

Experiencing negative returns early in retirement can potentially undermine the sustainability of your assets.

A Home Insurance Claim: To File Or Not To File

Learn when it may not make sense to file a claim on your home insurance.

A Look at Diversification

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket: an old saying that may apply to your investments. To adequately diversify,…

Best Performing Asset Classes

 Is the impulse to be safe keeping you away from the financial markets? According to Yale University’s Crash Confidence Index,…

Getting a Head Start on College Savings

College, kids and costs. The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates a middle-income family with a child born today can expect…

Money that Buys Good Health is Never Ill Spent

Health-care coverage (including Medicare) typically does not cover extended medical care. With healthcare expenses in the spotlight, it‘s incumbent upon…

Social Security: The $64,000 Question

 When you choose to take Social Security might impact your retirement income. Find out how. Before considering how personal circumstances…

The Anatomy of an Index

The S&P 500 is ubiquitous. Ever wonder how it works? The S&P 500 is ubiquitous – we see it on…